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Last week the nomination list for Zimhiphop Awards was announced and like always it was trending and received with mixed feelings especially amongst Rappers, Fans and the organizers of the Awards. With some rappers and fans saying the list was biased and isn’t fair because they think some nominated Artist don’t even deserve to be on that list. The organizers in defense of that came out saying some of those Artist who fans feel should have been nominated did not submit their work for nominations at all. Whether that is true or not it does not justify that they are people on that list who don’t deserve to be nominated because their work was below par or didn’t have any impact in the industry. Check out the Nominations below and let us know which category you think needed clarity or which artist should have been nominated.

Nominees for the Zimbabwe Hip Hop awards 2017 Edition have been announced, the list sees multiple nominations for Tehn Diamond, Takura and Mudiwa. You can read the full list below;

Peoples choice
•junior brown
•dj towers
•floppy x
•kikky bad ass
Best Radio dj
•Pd and lady k
•Emmitty smooth
•Lampy and kritic
•Thorne la roq
Best hip hop verse
•Guluva – ngena ka1 verse1
•Sharky – nonono by dexter basic verse 3
•Briss mbada – gaya by marques mafia verse3
•Junior brown- boys dzetonaz by kikky verse
•Mc chita – uptown tsotsi verse 1
•Gze – chamunorwa verse 1
Best hip hop hustle.
•Naboth rizzla
•Clyde banks
•Dj towers
•Mr kata
Video Of The Year
•T1nda- majarakara
•Takura- kamushekero
•Poy -higher
•Tehn – no stress
•Mudiwa –slaying
•Marcus- manga muripi.
Song of the year
•Guluva 7 –ngena ka1
•Tehn – no stress
•Mc chita- uptown tsotsi
•Briss mbada – king Solomon.
•Muse-100 bars
•Tulk munny –tsika jive
Best alternative
•Hubby blakes
•Simba tagz
•Coco master
Best media –JOURNALIST
•Masimba biyasi (dakid verse)zim rap cities
•Tanaka musanhi- zim rap cities
•Bongani Ndlovhu-chronicle
•Kennedy navaya-standard
•Tariro zinyemba -hmetro
Best media – T.V
•Onvi tv
•Naboth rizzla hip hop 263
Best Media – ONLINE
•Ritchers blog
•Keep it real fridays
•Lounge 263
•The Zim tainment
Best underground
•Four beat fam
•Dakid verse
•Indigo saint
Best Dance Crew
•Super geeks
•Mega tronz empire
Best Gospel Act
•Kaygee40 and shugeta
•J soldier
•Lil megaz
Best Club DJ
•Tk beatz
•Dj krimz beatz
•Dj drew
•Dj kead wikead
Best Diaspora
•Rich forbes
•Gt beats
Best Promoter
•Naboth rizzla
•Boss chenge
Best Album
•Poy –short cuts to heaven
•Stunner –stray bullet
•Tulk munny- chepa jecha
•Noble styles – better than your album
•R peels -Zviri eva beautiful
•Few kings – feeling aint fear
Best Local Brand Supporting Local Hip-Hop
•Hip hop 263 Naboth Rizzla
•Zvanhuwa fashion collection
Best New Comer
•Floppy x
•P mula
•Tulk munny
•Marcus mafia
•R peels
Best Producer
•Take fizzo
•Dj krimz beatz
•Maclyne beats
Best Hip-Hop Group
•Kaygee 40 and shugeta
•Dollar sign music
•Mula nation
•Few kings
•The mafia
Best Collaboration
•No stress tehn ft thaiwanda
•poy ft splits loui get out the way
•Mr kata –zunguza remix
•Myk pimp- get mine ft junior brown and trk
•Tulk munney ft Sinbad take fzzo female bhuru –paranoia
•Mc chita –uptown tsotsi
Best Female
•Trae yung
•Kikky bad ass
•Kara (jecha koso)
•Whitney cash
•Natasha muz
Best Male
•Mc Chita
•Myk pimp

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