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Harare based rapper T1 Wema1 has decided to bless the fans with a hip hop hustle anthem called Get Mani and a dancehall love song titled My Gyal. The two songs are packaged as what T1 has dubbed “The Double Drop” and are aimed at giving the fans more of that T1 music at one go. Both tracks are produced by rising Harare music producer Victor Enlisted with Get Mani being a solo effort and My Gyal featuring dancehall artist Galis Kush.

T1 Wema1 bemoans the harshness of the hustle life for a modern day Zimbabwean who’s trying to make ends meet on Get Mani. With the aid of witty word play and metaphors, he expresses how he works very hard to avert being relegated to his poverty stricken past despite the discouraging returns. T1 laments the equal absence of opportunities and unity in today’s society which in turn jeopardises his quest for economic freedom and peaceful living (Rugare in the Shona language). The burning question is: will T1 Wema1 find a silver lining on the cloud that hovers above him?

On My Gyal, T1 Wema1 flips to the positive side and celebrates beautiful African women with assistance from Galis Kush. From the way these amazing African queens look, walk and talk, T1 and Galis Kush shower them with compliments on both their inner and outer beauty. The fusion of hip hop and dancehall styles on this track results in an impressive radio friendly song suitable for everyone’s playlist.

T1 Wema1 is a versatile rap artist and executive producer who hails from the ghetto parts of Harare and enjoys a notable street, online and radio presence on the Zimbabwean entertainment scene.

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