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The glen view rapper/producer is set to release his 2nd mix tape titled paroad. he 1st announced the title of the tape on Dj Sliq Kay's show called the hip hop explosion on power FM , a month later he confirmed and name dropped a couple of guys he has worked with so far for paroad, on lady k and pdtheghost's show 'the fixx' on Zi FM stereo .

he said he has so far worked with a lot of talented guys like G.I.L ,Nargee , Glitz , Swayyzbeatz , glamour qah tah , eazii , 7-O-More(Malawi) , DJ awl and himself on production . he has so far collaborated with nargee , aka b (mkv) , jora mc {Uganda} , skryptt , trap c , and he is going to record with Clady banks and the tsoro mbiri hit maker Tryson Chimbetu , and this is according to his twitter account .

on DJ sliq kay's show he said paroad is a story of a typical ghetto youth , how we start with big dreams and how the current situation forces to lower our standards , and how the situation forces to do what we do [ bad or good] . It’s mainly about the experiences of people living in the high density suburbs of Zimbabwe.

Last week he tweeted that #paroadmixtape will carry 24 to 25 tracks, we honestly can’t wait to listen to it, since he rarely dissapoints. He last released a mix tape in 2015[Middle East], and after that he released 2 singles [Maihwe and Zvepondo] and a couple of features, Zvepondo is currently doing well, you can get it here

Zvepondo - Nib Crouch

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