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Ara Kani Jackets (Asaph & MH1)

#DeepInTheBurg is a music series of consisting of 7 songs collaboratively compiled by 5 Bulawayo Rappers (Asaph, Boi B, Kingsley, MH1 and Yiso) operating under the #BurgBoiz banner. Each song will be released every Friday on a weekly basis and its accompanying video released every Monday. Each season will see Asaph working with different artists in efforts to spread the #BurgBoiz culture throughout Bulawayo and even throughout the whole nation.

Week One saw the release of the song Zoro by Asaph and Kingsley. Week Two saw the release of the song Ara Kani Jackets.

The song Ara Kani Jackets gets its name from a Bulawayo designer brand now based in South Africa. Nkululeko Ncube, the brands head designer, recently show cased at the SA Men’s Fashion Week in Cape Town. The song is communicating many ideas using the Ara Kani Jackets as a metaphor of how as Bulawayo Rappers Asaph and MH1 believe they are the finest fabric and will not give up until they get some type of regional recognition.
Both verses also touch on the ups and downs of the life of a local artist and Bulawayo youth in general. From unemployment to sex addiction to local artists performing at shows where the main artist cancels his performance (in this case WizKid), however through all this the Ara Kani Jackets help Asaph and MH1 to have a sense of confidence and a small taste of lavish living because of the quality of the jackets.
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