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Over the the weekend we met with the boy Dopeboizim and he answered a few questions about him and his upcoming project STATE OF MIND EP

Where did you grow up?
Answer: I grew up in Glen View, one of the most underrated ghettos in Harare.

What is your musical background?
Answer: I've always had a thing for music growing up, joined choir in primary school & since then I fell in love with music.

Have you performed around your hometown?
Answer: One or two shows. Since I started taking music serious back in 2014 I've always spent most of my time in Gweru because of school.

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are you listening to locally?
Answer: Changing lives & inspiring other kids like me to keep working hard, everything is possible.

Uhm currently I've been listening to 2Yung,Dexter Baysiq, VI the Law,Gze and this kid from rusape called TheMadKid

What do you think of the hip hop scene in Zimbabwe?
Answer: We've been ignored for a long time now & I think people are slowly appreciating the game. To be honest we're growing everyday!

How would you describe your own style?
Answer: I'm simple guy in person & I represent the streets in my raps

Who did you collaborate with on your upcoming project?
Answer: I've got VI the Law, Massey & this upcoming vocalists called "Maritawana

In your own words how do you think State of mind EP will change lives you believe it is capable of changing or inspire someone to start rapping ?
Answer: Honestly i think its capable of changing the mindset of the youths and yeah probably it will inspire some to rap, you never know.

How many track should we expect on the project and when does it drop ?
Answer: 5 tracks and it's dropping on 20 July.
If given the chance what would you change about zimhiphop in general?
Answer: I would definitely creative more platform for talented artists who're finding it hard to make it through in the game. And obviously erase the bully mindset that have been embraced by other artists.
Where can people find you on social platform & how they can get your music?
Answer: @dopeboy_zim on twitter and Instagram, Tinashe DopeBoy on Facebook. You can get my music on SoundCloud, it's "Dopeboyzim"

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